What I’m Spinning: February-March

These are in no particular order and were not heavily (at all) screened for content. Listen at your own risk!

I love her song Pink Shoelaces. I then binge watched (listened to?) a bunch of her songs. This one has not left my head since. I also quite enjoyed this one.

I was singing this all of spring break. It’s very catchy. The music video made me laugh.

I fell down the solid gold oldies rabbit hole and found this gem.

Whilst falling, I also found this one.

One of my favorite documentaries of all time is ‘Twist’. It’s about dancing in the 50s and 60s. They interview Hank Ballard. All of his music is killer. A song that I hadn’t paid much attention to was Get It. Now its always stuck in my head.

Cree Summer is so cool.

Iko Iko (the Dixie Cups version, of course) is one of my favorite songs of all time. Sia’s cover on Jimmy Fallon was stellar. Questlove’s face makes it even better!

I think this is the best version of this song. She co-wrote it! Female soul singers of the 60s get nowhere near the recognition they deserve.

Acoustic and extended version are two of my favorite words to hear, especially when it comes to artists like Bob Marley.

I quite like the song New Love.

I’ve known this song for years, but my goodness I’ve been listening to it on repeat for weeks. And yes, it is Tia and Tamera.

D’angelo, y’all. All of his albums over and over again on repeat. Go buy them. They are necessary for life.


What I’m Spinning: December-January

I’m one of those people who never does anything in a timely manner. It’s March almost April now. Whoops!

This is the original, but I was binge watching Deandre Brackensick videos. I do that sometimes.

I was listening to Elvis sing this, and thought I should look up the original. I’m so glad I did!

I heard this version first, but I adore Sammy Davis Jr.’s interpretation.

I’m not sure how I got hooked on this song, but I think it may be the result of me going down an El Debarge rabbit hole!

They sing another one of my ultimate jams. I quite like this one too.

Any song that uses the phrase ‘booty-ooty’ should be in the hall of fame.

I get this one stuck in my head quite often.

I’m  not sure how I came across this song, but I was so thankful that I did.


Where Have You Been?

Right here. Well, kinda. I’ve been back home twice, went on a cruise, rode on a train to see my friend. Mostly right here, though.

These aren’t in any particular order. Who needs organization and order? Not I!


Around Christmas time, I went over to my best friends house. This is pretty indicative of most of our interactions.


This is my lil’ ole Christmas tree. It sheds glitter like crazy.


I finally got fed up with some Pinterest comments. If you don’t like my caption, you have option to change it. Yes, I am that petty. Methinks I could write a whole post about feminism, its meaning, and the way its executed.



I’m the kind of aunt who reads at her nephew’s birthday party. It was at Chuck E. Cheese. Don’t fault me too much. Now that I think about it, when his sister had her birthday there years ago, I was reading The Autobiography if Malcolm X.


I still hate to drive. But I felt so cool driving my brother’s Dodge Charger. I love this car. If only it were painted Plum Crazy, it would be perfect!

Did I mention I started school? <y campus is not this fancy. I went to visit my friend at her college over spring break. They have historical buildings and sheep. We have a DJ every Wednesday, and other random times.

I was eating this whilst watching a documentary about the corruptness of the sugar industry in America and how it affects our excessive sugar intake. I almost felt bad for eating the cake. Somehow I managed to eat it all.

I may or may not have had a spaz attack when I saw Jenna von Oy appear on Bill Nye the Science guy. I sent my friend the picture because we both love the show Blossom. (I may or may not have forced her to watch it. I don’t really remember.)

A super blurry picture of me in my Easter dress. I made it in one day with relatively few injuries. I need to redo the side zipper, a couple of stitches in the front, and add snaps to the back (I was too lazy on Saturday night).

That’s about it. Eventually I’ll post about the cruise and Christmas.


A Few of My Favorite Things 3










Getting great deals on vinyl. Three 45s for 50 cents, y’all!




Cotton Candy Bubble Yum

Les Twins

Old Awards Show performances (Levert boyz II men, El Debarge, etc.)

Matt Morris singing My Cherie Amour

Arrivederci, Too-da-loo, and Ciao!


What I’m Spinning: All Time Christmas Favorites

The best Christmas albums of all time are the Temptation’s album, and the Phil Spector album. No doubt about it. No questions asked. There are plenty of other great Christmas albums (Charlie Brown, Elvis, Chipmunks, etc.) but these take the cake. I’ve been listening to the Temptation’s album since I was four. That’s when the CD fell into my possession. I’m still dreaming about the day I’ll find A Christmas Gift to You from Phil Spector on vinyl in a thrift store for dirt cheap. Anyways here are some of my all time favorite Christmas songs.

I feel like I sing this song year round. Oops!

I’ve observed the guy’s dancing doesn’t always seem to match the subject matter of the song the group is singing. It’s quite hilarious, especially because in all of their songs, it’s never actually his voice. The guy who created this band is also behind Milli Vanilli, so…. Anyways, this is my favorite version of this song.

This song is super similar to another song by her that I adore. This is such a classic.

Honestly, the whole Charlie Brown Christmas album by Vince Guaraldi is the epitome of Christmastime nostalgia to me.

This one is just so great. Hasan Green and his friends singing it is my favorite. Him singing with his friends is just my favorite in general.

The Temptations sing arguably the best version of Silent Night ever, but my heart belongs to Rudolph! The “Hey, Rudolph!” and “One foggy Christmas Eve” get me every time!

Goosebumps, y’all.



December/November/October? Recap

So I haven’t really been doing much. Shocker, I know. I also am not very good (or just can’t be bothered) to put thing in chronological order.

My views on ‘being a feminist’ equality versus justice and all of that jazz deserve posts of their own. This past weekend I finally got around to making a statement clarifying my views as stated (in passing) on this pin. I decided that if I got one more comment about me not identifying as I feminist I would make a statement so hopefully no one else will take it upon themselves to comment pointlessly on my pin. These comments do not open up a conversation, but rather point fingers… at a stranger… on the internet… ON PINTEREST! I was going to take the high road and be super diplomatic, but I figured I may as well be snarky, ’cause I was annoyed haha. Just so that we’re clear, now that I’ve commented, I’m no better. I realize that. It was fun though 😉

I drove my brother’s super nice car to my friend’s house. I think he should give me this car when he gets sick of it.

I came home to find brand new Snoopy pajamas! I usually open these on Christmas, but it was super cold outside, and these pajamas are sooooo warm.

Here are my parents starting a puzzle. Well, mostly my dad haha.

Last week was Lil’ Ruffneck’s birthday. Here I am at Chuck E Cheese before church. Somehow it didn’t register in my brain that this was his birthday part, even though I knew that it was his birthday.

I decorated my small purple tree like a week and a half ago. I had to take it down,  so I could bring it back to my parent’s house. That’s what I get for procrastinating.

When I was home for Thanksgiving, I worked a bit on my mermaid tail. Oh yes, my mermaid tail.

During that week, I also got to see my best friend. She’s a mess, if you weren’t able to figure it out by my facial expression.

And because it’s Christmas, and these harmonies are on point…


Thanksgiving 2015

You know your life is in shambles when you get around to posting about Thanksgiving the week before Christmas.

I suck as a human being. Last year I actually took pictures when all of my family came. This year I thought about it, and was totally gonna do it. Then I decided to stay in bed instead. What aunt doesn’t want pictures of her dear sweet nieces and nephews? Her siblings? Parents? Friends? Me! haha. Anyways, other people totally took pictures so I’ll steal some of those and tell the stories behind them.

Here they are preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Notice that I’m nowhere to be found.

There’s Father Dear in the center with an interesting expression on his face. They’re all (the Artist, various nieces and nephews, and the Other Sister in the back corner) playing spades. I’m not a huge fan of card games, but listening to them play is always hilarious.

Ah, something I can get behind! We went zip lining the day after Thanksgiving. It was a zip line obstacle course, and I’m quite good at it, thank you very much!

Everybody who entered the household had to sign this squash, family and non-family alike. I don’t think I ever got around to signing it… whoops! It’s still sitting on the kitchen table.

Here’s a shot of Curly and Lil’ Ruffneck on the basement couch. What is Curly doing with a pool ball in his lap?

A buch of turkeys all lined up.

Thanksgiving is always fun. Family is cool. The food is great. My bed is the best.

Because I posted this way to late…


What I’m Spinning: November 6- December 8

Play that funky music, y’all! I listen to so much music, but many songs only once. Some of it not even that much. These are songs I’ve played multiple times within the last month, and feel like an accurate portrayal of what I’ve been listening to this past month. Also, the music wasn’t heavily screened for content, so proceed with caution!

I freaked out when I saw Missy had released a new song. It’s perpetually stuck in my head. So, this is the actual music video, and I’m in love with a puppet haha. But there’s plenty of bad language in addition to life-like puppets, so beware.

I was listening to some Dionne Bromfield, and she had covered this song. I’ve been jamming to the original. I’ve quite liked this song for years.

Boy From New York City is my jam from ages ago (middle school…7th grade?) and I just so happen to play it recently, and was really enjoying it.


I don’t know how I missed this song when it came out, especially considering how much I enjoyed the album (although I never got around to buying it- shameful, I know). Cee Lo Green is amazing in general, so it’s always fun to ‘discover’ his stuff.

Our preacher incorporated this song into the lesson last Sunday and I kinda freaked, because it was my jam (everything’s my jam haha) two years ago. He said that if anyone knew the song, we must be as old as him. He’s 70 (ish)! Anyways he sang the song in its original form, and changed the lyrics to match with his lesson also. It think it was pretty killer!

Here’s another blast from my past that I never did buy. Whoops! Is it wrong to call something a blast from your past when you’re only 18? The lyrics in this song are hilarious, or creepy/awful/degrading depending how you look at it haha. This song with the same title is the boy’s perspective on the same topic. I love it!

The next what I’m spinning shall be of Christmas songs, for it’s that time of the year again!


Setting the Record Straight: An Open Letter to Wale


I couldn’t decide whether to look like I’m angry with Wale, or melodramatic because this *is* an open letter haha. PS: It’s late and I’ve been wearing my church clothes all day. I look a mess.

Dear Wale…
Just kidding! Am I the only one who has a hard time not laughing at open letters to people they don’t know? ‘To the Woman Who Stared Too Long and Too Hard at My Flashy Shoes, Mismatched Socks and Sour Disposition’. I kid, I kid. Although what these ‘letters’ talk about may be important in its own right, the open letter format and their cringe inducing titles take away from the issues they address. Anyways, I do have quite a bit (too much?) to say about the the whole Wale Instagram thing. It’s not even directed at Wale, but his post got me thinking.
First of all, his post was a nice gesture. He realized something he and other men have done, and called himself and others out on it. I truly commend him for it. He tried to be inspirational, and in many senses he was. He’s trying y’all, cut him some slack! Honestly most of what he said truly was good, ya know? He even addressed the whole ‘I did it for me/I don’t care what you think’ train of thought by stating, “Some girls say they don’t care what anybody thinks… I find it difficult to believe one would alter their body this significantly for themselves.”

*start of mini rant* You have the right to do what you want with your body and don’t have to answer any person (except the law) for it. But with things like women shaving their body hair and other forms of body modification- Yes, you may do it because you personally like it, but you cannot honestly tell me that cultural norms didn’t affect your decision to do so. Even if they don’t affect your decision now, they might have at other times. If  it’s not shaving your legs, then it could be any other cultural norm whether it be eurocentric beauty standards or traditional gender roles. Of course some folks truly don’t care, but many of the changes we make to ourselves come from insecurities. Where does that insecurity come from? I feel like (although I’ve been know to be wrong quite often) you have to have other people to compare yourself to for there to be such deep seeded insecurities. But again, some folks just wanna look or be a certain way, and that’s a-okay. *mini rant over*

In Wale’s ‘uplifting’ post he says, “Dear black women this has to stop. This is not attractive. As black men we apologise for misleading you to believe this is the quintessential black woman.”

HOLD UP! I’m not too mad that he doesn’t find unnatural looking body modifications unattractive. That’s his prerogative (right? am I just being insensitive?). But because he finds it unattractive it has to stop. He doesn’t simply say ‘ew, i don’t like this’ (which would be rude, but again, his prerogative) he says it has to stop. He then goes on to apologize for the stupid standards black men (and everyone else, black women included) push onto black women. So as I lay in the floor trying to get to sleep, I pondered the implications of these statements. Is this an actual apology for the crap we’re subjected to on the daily, or just another plea for us to fit into ‘sexy’ beauty standards? If he found the butt implants attractive, would he care as much about uplifting us? After reading the whole post, I personally believe that he does care about building up black women, but Wale isn’t the only one who posts these long pleas to women.

Something that I’ve noticed is that when people (often men) post ‘inspirational’ messages about women’s bodies, they are frequently tied to what they want from women. These posts don’t usually say ‘Women, you need to love yourselves because you’re awesome and important as an independently functioning human being,’ but rather ‘Love yourself so that I can love you fully’ or ‘Don’t wear lots of makeup because I want to see your beautiful face’ and ‘Don’t starve yourself because nobody wants a skeleton’. Notice how it always ends with their feelings? It’s not always or even usually done out of spite, malice, or aggressive purposeful misogyny.  What these people don’t realize is that those words are the nicer sounding equivalent of what they are trying to ‘save’ us from. They are literally asking us to do something so that they will be satisfied with our appearance and/or disposition. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. The problem isn’t plastic surgery, injections, makeup or short skirts. The problem is that no one will uplift me, unless they somehow gain from the transaction. Am I not worth something on my own merit as a human being? Not as a physical image to behold, or a potential vessel for your unborn offspring, your token black friend, or any other group I may fall into, but simply as me, no strings attached?

That got heavy and ragey and semi-personal towards the end. Sorry. But not really, ’cause ending things on a dreary note is kind of my trade mark (at least in real life haha). Here’s some 2Pac, because that’s kinda  how I’m feeling after this whole spiel. Also, I did not mean to make it so long. Whoops!

*Again (or maybe not again. I don’t remember haha) this was not to call out Wale, because I appreciate most of what he said. It just got me thinking about the masses of quotes that are supposed to inspire people, not just women, but instead end up putting folks right back in the box they started out in.

** And I really appreciate the other nice stuff you’ve said in defense of black women in the past, Wale (and everybody else who says good nice uplifting things haha)



A Few of My Favorite Things 2

I tend to call anything I remotely like my favorite. I call every song that I mildly enjoy (or vehemently despise) my jam. I really mean it when I talk about these things, I promise!

There are some songs that make me have to pause five seconds in because I can’t even handle the feelings they give me. Sometimes its the song itself, other times it’s the person’s voice. With this song, it’s everything. I can’t put into words how Stevie Wonder singing Me and Mrs. Jones makes me feel. But I will tell you, I look like an idiot swaying along to it. I wish I were cool.

The way I feel about the song above applies Miles Hodges’ poetry also. I just can’t even begin to describe… The thing about spoken word is that they speakers often times speak about lofty subjects with trillions of alliterations. Sometimes I catch and understand all of it the first time ’round. Other times, I understand nothing. Often, I understand bits and pieces. Anyways, to me, his stuff never gets old. It never stops speaking to me. Honestly, all of Striver’s Row is killer.

Celebrate the Holidays with Duck Donuts!

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Since I’ve moved in with the Other Sister, I’ve missed daily stuffing my face with Duck Donuts. They now ship them! I can again enjoy Duck Donuts everyday! These are the best donuts I’ve ever had. Nothing compares. Except maybe Krispy Kreme. Shipley’s donut holes are A+. I think I just really like donuts.

Sassy Magazine. I discovered it two summers ago probably through Buzzfeed. The first copy I bought was this one with Mayim Bialik on the cover. I’ve since accumulated at least 20 issues. It’s the best teen magazine to ever exist. The writers had actual opinions (for better or for worse), they talked about issues plaguing different genders, races and socioeconomic backgrounds, and did not treat the readers like idiots. They published super critical letters to the editor that portrayed them in a negative light. Sassy Magazine is just so amazing. I wish it could come back. The closest thing is Rookie Mag and xoJane *sigh*. I totally enjoy both sites, but for different reasons haha.