I’ve seized the opportunity to use howdy as a greeting, because goodness knows I don’t use it in real life! And so it begins… I could say I hope you’ll join me in this journey to discover myself or something sappy like that, but I’d rather semi- explain the actual reason for this blog. I’ve toyed around with the idea of making a blog for ages. People nag me (compliment me) all the time saying ‘you should do youtube’ or ‘you should blog’ or ‘are you on youtube yet’ and ‘you’re perfect for *insert platform/activity here’. I didn’t want to start a blog just to satisfy others, because if did it for someone else, I would not enjoy it nor would it truly be mine. Plus, I had no idea how I wanted to frame it. I now have a clearer idea in my head of what I want to do. There will be music and dancing. There will be fashion and history. There will be an abundance of stories. There also will be some teenage angst. I won’t be a teenager for much longer, but I think the angst lasts forever (haha). This will also be a bit like a stream of consciousness (that is a thing, right?). Strange things are always on my mind. I also rant a lot.  My sister came up with the blog name and tagline (she’s the coolest). She figured that because I’m frequently ranting about society at large and on a small scale, I should be posting it to the internet so as to set everybody straight. I also love music and have begun to amass quite the record collection – hence setting the RECORD straight (she’s so clever, I’m telling you). All of these words just to say this blog will have my musings along with other stuff like crafting, clothing, cultural things and pictures – there will be pictures I promise! One last thing: I totally did not start three consecutive words with a ‘c’ on purpose. One more last thing: I love to overuse parentheses and ‘…’ it brings me joy.

Until next time (ugh how cheeseball can you get?)


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