A Few of My Favorite Things 2

I tend to call anything I remotely like my favorite. I call every song that I mildly enjoy (or vehemently despise) my jam. I really mean it when I talk about these things, I promise!

There are some songs that make me have to pause five seconds in because I can’t even handle the feelings they give me. Sometimes its the song itself, other times it’s the person’s voice. With this song, it’s everything. I can’t put into words how Stevie Wonder singing Me and Mrs. Jones makes me feel. But I will tell you, I look like an idiot swaying along to it. I wish I were cool.

The way I feel about the song above applies Miles Hodges’ poetry also. I just can’t even begin to describe… The thing about spoken word is that they speakers often times speak about lofty subjects with trillions of alliterations. Sometimes I catch and understand all of it the first time ’round. Other times, I understand nothing. Often, I understand bits and pieces. Anyways, to me, his stuff never gets old. It never stops speaking to me. Honestly, all of Striver’s Row is killer.

Celebrate the Holidays with Duck Donuts!

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Since I’ve moved in with the Other Sister, I’ve missed daily stuffing my face with Duck Donuts. They now ship them! I can again enjoy Duck Donuts everyday! These are the best donuts I’ve ever had. Nothing compares. Except maybe Krispy Kreme. Shipley’s donut holes are A+. I think I just really like donuts.

Sassy Magazine. I discovered it two summers ago probably through Buzzfeed. The first copy I bought was this one with Mayim Bialik on the cover. I’ve since accumulated at least 20 issues. It’s the best teen magazine to ever exist. The writers had actual opinions (for better or for worse), they talked about issues plaguing different genders, races and socioeconomic backgrounds, and did not treat the readers like idiots. They published super critical letters to the editor that portrayed them in a negative light. Sassy Magazine is just so amazing. I wish it could come back. The closest thing is Rookie Mag and xoJane *sigh*. I totally enjoy both sites, but for different reasons haha.


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