Halloween and Stuff

I guess it’s a little late for Halloween stuff, but whatever.

We went to a pumpkin patch two days before Halloween. It was actually a church parking lot with some pumpkins lined up, some hay, benches, and a stationary tractor for photo ops. I’m not a very spirited person, although I do enjoy holidays. Maybe next year?

Here’s my dear niece, the Photographer, on some hay.

Here I am as the great pumpkin pimp. I’m wearing a Prince shirt with an Elvis purse.

The day before Halloween, we went to a party. I was supposed to be a wind up doll, but I couldn’t get my key to stick to my back. I just so happened to be reading Peter Pan at the party and was asked if I were Wendy. The Photographer was a fortune teller. Isn’t she gorgeous?

On Halloween it was rainy all day. I watched Halloween I and II. I ate candy. I’d say it was a good day. I felt bad for the trick or treaters though.


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