Setting the Record Straight: Social Media Part 1

 My best friend says I look like I’m dying in all of my selfies, therefore refuses to like them. I’m so glad she’s my friend.

I could ramble on forever about the advantages, disadvantages, and misuse of social media. This is one of I’m sure many posts to come about social media. So, I got an Instagram a month or so ago, and I’m having major regrets. It freaks me out. I mean blogging is a bit of a stretch for me, but at least I feel like I can say something. On Instagram, I’m taking photos of myself and people are liking them. It’s strange to me. It’s also slightly nerve wracking. I think that I couldn’t care less how many likes I get, but it isn’t true. I’m convinced that people who I used to hate or who hated me will stumble across my Instagram and chortle at the amount of likes I receive. “I have valid reasons” I so strongly wish to say to these people. “I didn’t tell all of my friends and family to follow me” (though they found out and did anyways haha), and “I don’t do the follow for follow”, “I don’t talk about Instagram in real life or tell folks this photo I’m taking is going there”. But honestly, you can’t claim to be ‘above’ something when you’re participating in it . Right? I mean unless you wanna be an annoying counter-culture holier than thou person (which I quite enjoy being at times). But fo rizzle, Instagram creeps me out (I’ll never post a picture of my legs in tights again!). I also feel as though I don’t quite understand proper Instagram etiquette. I’m also not quite sure that I want to understand. I feel the same way about blogging. I don’t think I’m some super unique person with a bunch of crazy wonderful pinterest-y things to offer. I’m writing this and posting because I can. Because I feel like it. I don’t have an artsy face, or an inclination towards photography. I don’t have a ‘passion for fashion’ although everybody seems to think I do. I love clothes and stuff, but my passions are never so straight forward (here I go, thinking I’m soooooo special again). Ugh I could rant about passions and people projecting onto others for a long time too. See? I wasn’t kidding when I said I have so much (too much) to say about all the social medias. I can’t keep it all straight. I was going to delete my Instagram, but now I think I’ll put it off for a while. Maybe trying new things that make you uncomfortable is a positive thing. Maybe its not. No biggie, right? Who am I asking anyways? I feel like the voiceover in My So Called Life. Just call me Angela Chase y’all.
After all of this blubbering, a song seems appropriate. I think I’ll go with…

Can you believe it? I listen to modern music in addition to my solid gold oldies! What can I say, I’m well rounded haha.
To conclude, I just want to say that I’m so totally over Jordan Catalano, although I really hope he follows me on Instagram (or at least stalks me there)


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