Where Have You Been?

Right here. Well, kinda. I’ve been back home twice, went on a cruise, rode on a train to see my friend. Mostly right here, though.

These aren’t in any particular order. Who needs organization and order? Not I!


Around Christmas time, I went over to my best friends house. This is pretty indicative of most of our interactions.


This is my lil’ ole Christmas tree. It sheds glitter like crazy.


I finally got fed up with some Pinterest comments. If you don’t like my caption, you have option to change it. Yes, I am that petty. Methinks I could write a whole post about feminism, its meaning, and the way its executed.



I’m the kind of aunt who reads at her nephew’s birthday party. It was at Chuck E. Cheese. Don’t fault me too much. Now that I think about it, when his sister had her birthday there years ago, I was reading The Autobiography if Malcolm X.


I still hate to drive. But I felt so cool driving my brother’s Dodge Charger. I love this car. If only it were painted Plum Crazy, it would be perfect!

Did I mention I started school? <y campus is not this fancy. I went to visit my friend at her college over spring break. They have historical buildings and sheep. We have a DJ every Wednesday, and other random times.

I was eating this whilst watching a documentary about the corruptness of the sugar industry in America and how it affects our excessive sugar intake. I almost felt bad for eating the cake. Somehow I managed to eat it all.

I may or may not have had a spaz attack when I saw Jenna von Oy appear on Bill Nye the Science guy. I sent my friend the picture because we both love the show Blossom. (I may or may not have forced her to watch it. I don’t really remember.)

A super blurry picture of me in my Easter dress. I made it in one day with relatively few injuries. I need to redo the side zipper, a couple of stitches in the front, and add snaps to the back (I was too lazy on Saturday night).

That’s about it. Eventually I’ll post about the cruise and Christmas.


December/November/October? Recap

So I haven’t really been doing much. Shocker, I know. I also am not very good (or just can’t be bothered) to put thing in chronological order.

My views on ‘being a feminist’ equality versus justice and all of that jazz deserve posts of their own. This past weekend I finally got around to making a statement clarifying my views as stated (in passing) on this pin. I decided that if I got one more comment about me not identifying as I feminist I would make a statement so hopefully no one else will take it upon themselves to comment pointlessly on my pin. These comments do not open up a conversation, but rather point fingers… at a stranger… on the internet… ON PINTEREST! I was going to take the high road and be super diplomatic, but I figured I may as well be snarky, ’cause I was annoyed haha. Just so that we’re clear, now that I’ve commented, I’m no better. I realize that. It was fun though 😉

I drove my brother’s super nice car to my friend’s house. I think he should give me this car when he gets sick of it.

I came home to find brand new Snoopy pajamas! I usually open these on Christmas, but it was super cold outside, and these pajamas are sooooo warm.

Here are my parents starting a puzzle. Well, mostly my dad haha.

Last week was Lil’ Ruffneck’s birthday. Here I am at Chuck E Cheese before church. Somehow it didn’t register in my brain that this was his birthday part, even though I knew that it was his birthday.

I decorated my small purple tree like a week and a half ago. I had to take it down,  so I could bring it back to my parent’s house. That’s what I get for procrastinating.

When I was home for Thanksgiving, I worked a bit on my mermaid tail. Oh yes, my mermaid tail.

During that week, I also got to see my best friend. She’s a mess, if you weren’t able to figure it out by my facial expression.

And because it’s Christmas, and these harmonies are on point…


Thanksgiving 2015

You know your life is in shambles when you get around to posting about Thanksgiving the week before Christmas.

I suck as a human being. Last year I actually took pictures when all of my family came. This year I thought about it, and was totally gonna do it. Then I decided to stay in bed instead. What aunt doesn’t want pictures of her dear sweet nieces and nephews? Her siblings? Parents? Friends? Me! haha. Anyways, other people totally took pictures so I’ll steal some of those and tell the stories behind them.

Here they are preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Notice that I’m nowhere to be found.

There’s Father Dear in the center with an interesting expression on his face. They’re all (the Artist, various nieces and nephews, and the Other Sister in the back corner) playing spades. I’m not a huge fan of card games, but listening to them play is always hilarious.

Ah, something I can get behind! We went zip lining the day after Thanksgiving. It was a zip line obstacle course, and I’m quite good at it, thank you very much!

Everybody who entered the household had to sign this squash, family and non-family alike. I don’t think I ever got around to signing it… whoops! It’s still sitting on the kitchen table.

Here’s a shot of Curly and Lil’ Ruffneck on the basement couch. What is Curly doing with a pool ball in his lap?

A buch of turkeys all lined up.

Thanksgiving is always fun. Family is cool. The food is great. My bed is the best.

Because I posted this way to late…


Halloween and Stuff

I guess it’s a little late for Halloween stuff, but whatever.

We went to a pumpkin patch two days before Halloween. It was actually a church parking lot with some pumpkins lined up, some hay, benches, and a stationary tractor for photo ops. I’m not a very spirited person, although I do enjoy holidays. Maybe next year?

Here’s my dear niece, the Photographer, on some hay.

Here I am as the great pumpkin pimp. I’m wearing a Prince shirt with an Elvis purse.

The day before Halloween, we went to a party. I was supposed to be a wind up doll, but I couldn’t get my key to stick to my back. I just so happened to be reading Peter Pan at the party and was asked if I were Wendy. The Photographer was a fortune teller. Isn’t she gorgeous?

On Halloween it was rainy all day. I watched Halloween I and II. I ate candy. I’d say it was a good day. I felt bad for the trick or treaters though.


Things My Sister Made Me Do: Camping



So, I obviously suck at blogging, and I don’t even have an excuse. I was gonna blog about my car, but there is still much to do before I can. Also, I am lazy.

Anyways, almost two week ago, me, the Other Sister, the Photographer, and Lil’ Ruffneck went camping. I originally wasn’t going to go, because I had to take the SAT the next day. The Other Sister decided that they weren’t going to stay overnight, so I tagged along with them. Before it got too dark, I had the Photographer snap some photos.

A little background: I’m not an outdoorsy person. My allergies used to be much worse than they are now. I also have had some not so stellar camping experiences (church camp, girl scout camp and camping with girl scouts). Camping and hiking just do not sound particularly exciting/appealing to me. I would have been happy to stay home, but I do enjoy leaving the house every one in a while.

A little more background: We went camping with some church folk. I thought you should know who the other people in the pictures are, haha.

This is me walking back to my chair after asking the Photographer if she wanted to take some pictures.  Lil’ Ruffneck is in the Superman shirt. A church folk is taking a picture of the scenery.

The Photographer got a great shot of someone from church riding a bike. This is why she takes the pictures and I don’t.

See the band aid on my sister’s face? The bike rack attacked her. She was closing down the trunk, and she didn’t step back far enough. She said hurt very badly. I still laughed.


There’s Lil’ Ruffneck in the grass, the Other Sister going to pick up a toy, and some church folk in the background.

Here’s a shot of some of the campground.

This is the fire that took my sister two hours to build.


I took this blurry picture of some very tall grass. They (Other Sister, Lil Ruffneck, and Photographer) referred to it as the snake-y woods. I had to walk through it at least four times to retrieve toys. For some strange reason, they were afraid to trek into it- something about ticks and snakes.

This is the last picture taken. I took this one of me reading Sassy Magazine. To me, camping=reading.

Someone brought song books. We sang around the campfire.  It reminded me of the Disney Sing Alongs I used to watch when I was little (and still watch to this day). In one of them, they go camping. Too bad we didn’t sing any John Denver.

After while crocodile (does anybody actually say that?)


Recap of my Week

I like to live in the past. Here’s a recap of my week. I’m feeling nostalgic already.

We went to the golf course on Monday. I read Sylvia Plath and managed to get lost while driving a golf cart.

I took my first selfies that same day. Y’all can officially call me a sellout.

The next day I tried to get a profile picture for my Instagram. It was a long laborious process.

On Thursday, we went thrifting.  I got 21 vhs tapes for $2.50! I got all of that fabric, the bias tape, and the Jane Fonda record for under 17 dollars. The Hawaii record cost me one whole dollar. I think I overpaid.

These two tapes were highlights for me. Dancin’ Grannies is just my speed; I’m glad I picked up the beginners tape.

This is Tiger, the Other Sister’s dog. He’s my best buddy. I snapped this while deciding what shoes to wear to the concert.


I went to a Lenny Kravitz concert. It was pretty killer. I love the way he moves!

This is me looking a hot sweaty mess after getting home from the concert. I’m still trying to get used to documenting my day to day life. It’s so weird.

On Friday, I babysat Lil’ Ruffneck while the Other Sister got her hair cut. The security system rang the whole time because it’s battery was low.  He telling me to turn it off, but sadly I didn’t know how. Earlier this week when I babysat him, he puked all over the place. I have a terrible track record.
Later, the Other Sister, the Photographer and I went to the mall. Here’s the Photographer eating Chinese food. I got some stuff from Claire’s. I’m really bad at documenting what I do.

 I painted my nails today. Neatness is obviously not my forte. Neither is taking pictures. I thought about being artsy and holding something, but the only thing I could find was a peanut butter jar.

It’s been a good week. Any week that that you make it out alive is a good one methinks. OH! History in the Making finally dropped the EP I’ve been waiting on since forever.

Oof! That modern music makes me long for something old. Here’s the Ronettes singing one of their many overlooked and underrated songs.

Alright, I guess I should go now (another song title… I wonder how long I can keep this up)


Guess Who I Saw Today: Lenny Kravitz

So… The Other Sister came up with another feature for my blog in which I write about all of the concerts I go to. She suggested I take a picture of all of the stickies I collect and then blog about the show. It’s official now, it’s a new segment.

A little background: I almost called the Other Sister’s husband the Ticket-master instead of Jamie Starr – frankly it’s still up in the air. Why? Because he’s our hook up. If any of us want to see a show, we check with him first.

Anyways, Thursday he called up (I assume-he could have just asked her while I was sleeping) the Other Sister and asked if I would be interested in going to a Lenny Kravitz concert. I said I would totally be interested. Mind you, I’ll go to just about any concert/show because I thoroughly enjoy watching people perform. I truly was interested in seeing him though. Sidenote- I always feel bad going to shows and not knowing any/all of the words. Or worse yet, a few select words from the chorus of the artist’s most popular song.

I had gone thrifting earlier, and I had no idea what day the concert was or at what time. When I found out it was that day, and that we had to leave in a few hours, I had to rush to do a bunch of things. I threw on my ‘concert skirt’ (I’ve worn this skirt to 2 or 3 concerts), my black heels, and grabbed everything I could possibly stuff into my purse and then some. We (Me, Other Sister, Photographer, and Lil’ Ruffneck) piled into the car (because i’m still learning to drive) and headed out to meet Jamie Starr. I then got into the car with him and we drove to the venue. I sat in his office for a few hours waiting for the show to start. Here’s a picture of me ‘backstage’ doing what I do best- paying no attention to the people around me and reading a book (preferably dark or depressing). The office was empty when I took this picture. 
Jamie Starr took me to my seat and I read some more of my book to pass the time. It was only a fifteen-ish minute wait. So Lenny Kravitz comes out, and he’s one cool lookin’ dude. Honestly though, my eyes were almost always on his background singers ’cause they were so cool. SO COOL. I want to be them when I grow up. The horn section was amazing – they are usually my favorite part of any given show. All the musicians were amazing. The drummer and bass player were especially killer.. as was the guitarist. Whoops- I think that was everybody on the stage. Wait! The keyboard/pianist was killer too- his name was George (I think). Anyways, here’s one of his most popular songs, and you can see his background singers killin’ it at 1:07 and throughout.

Fast forward to the last quarter of the concert- my feet were killing me. I had stood the whole time. I’m not the kind to dance around at concerts, and standing in one position becomes more painful than moving about. That’s what I get for wearing those blasted 5 inch heels. By this point in time I was ready to sit down (I had been ready since the beginning really) but I didn’t want to be rude. Everybody in front of and behind me (but not beside me) were still standing up. If I sat down, I wouldn’t be able to see anyways. When I seriously considered sitting down, Mr. Kravitz says “Everybody stand up” so I ended up standing through the rest of the concert. You are probably asking yourself why I would have such a long rambling about standing up. There is (kind of) a reason, besides complaining (haha). So, Mr. Kravitz must have really been feeling the crowd, because he decides to walk through it. I just so happen to have an aisle seat. It didn’t really matter, because most people left their seats to get closer anyways. He hops off the stage, walks down one aisle, and makes his way towards mine. The lady from two seats over (who migrated towards the aisle) kept shoving me and I thought she was trying to get closer. I tried to stay out of her way. Turns out, she was trying to get me closer so I could touch him. Tangent- What’s with wanting to touch a sweaty stranger that’s not even looking your way? What’s with wanting meet/talk to someone who doesn’t want to meet/talk with you? I mean c’mon now. Anyways, she gives me one last shove and I almost knocked into the man as he comes by. After the hubbub subsided her husband who was seated next to me asked if I got to touch Mr. Kravitz. I said almost. This is the song in which he goes through the crowd. It was a long song.

A little more background: Drunk people love me. Or at least that’s what I tell myself and others. They like the way I talk, the way I dress, and possibly other things. I think it may be that I am slightly too polite/nice/freaked out to ignore them, or to weasel my way out of conversations. The last concert I went to, a friendly drunk struck up a conversation with me about the show, and my age, and all sorts of things. The show before that, I may or may not have been hit on. He told me to call him the next afternoon. For all I know it could have been for a job interview. Maybe I should have another feature on the blog called ‘Drunk People Love Me’.

Anyways, the concert was almost over, or at least it seemed that way before a twenty minute song started. Somebody taps me on the shoulder. A strange woman asked me if I was enjoying the show. I smiled and said yes. She then shouted “Then why aren’t you dancing?”.  I smiled and turned back to face the stage. My shoulder were grabbed and made to move about. I turned and smiled again, hoping maybe that would satisfy her. She leaves her row, comes to my seat, and shoves her hips my way. I had no idea what to do. So I did my awkward “Pat Boone snapping/clapping to Tutti Frutti” dance moves. I locked eyes with the security guy hoping he’d help me. That’s his job, right? NOPE. He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders at me. I thought this dance/groping session would never end. She finally went back to her seat (a row behind me and somewhere between 6 and 9 seats down) while commanding me to keep dancing. I looked around wondering if anyone else was taking in the absurdity of all of this and saw people smiling and laughing along. I then remembered they were all hammered. I remembered that that’s what people go to concerts and do. Pay money to see something they won’t remember the next day. This woman did this to me two more times, and threatened it a few more times also. Near the end she made me take a selfie with her. All of this to say, a drunk woman made me dance with her, and I was not comfortable at all. (I like to write as melodramatically as possible. I think it builds character.)

All throughout that ordeal, I kept hoping Jamie Starr would come rescue me. He came and got me at the very end, when there wasn’t much to be rescued from. But, boy was I glad to see him! You should have seen how quickly I grabbed my purse and followed him out. The excitement of not having to look over my shoulder lasted for less than a minute. After almost being knocked over dancing, and being shoved five too many times, my feet couldn’t take it any longer. It was like a two minute walk to the car, but I had to stop and put on my Keds. I felt so stupid not being able to walk the short while to the car, but I’m glad I switched out shoes. I would have fallen over if I hadn’t. Picture is of my poor tortured feet. See the marks around my ankles?
 I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m a total downer. If I haven’t made it clear before, it should be fairly obvious considering I spent so much time harping on drunk people. All of that aside, the show was great. Mr. Kravitz even said so himself. Our show was better than the Dallas one, he said. Again, the show was great, my seats (I originally had two so I didn’t have to sit next to anybody haha) were great, and I ate a great burger. I’ll leave you now with some Lenny Kravitz.

I almost forgot! So, Mr. Kravitz points out a sign that a young lady was holding that said ‘wardrobe malfunction’. He said that he had already done that. Anyways that made me laugh, especially considering how loudly everyone cheered after he mentioned it haha.

All That’s Left is to Say Goodbye (I’m quoting music titles now) OH! And I give my condolences to anybody who read every word of my ramblings.


Setting the Record Straight: Self-Portraits

“You mean selfies?” the children asked. Haha, but really, I hate the noun selfie. I feel so pretentious saying that I don’t like the ‘selfies’, but it really doesn’t matter what you call them; they’re still just an image of you. I bring this up because I just took my first selfie this week. I even posted it on Instagram! I feel like I have to turn in my ‘unaffected non-mainstream counter-cultural teen’ card. I’m not as counter-cultural or unaffected as I imagine myself to be, but I honestly hate feeling like a walking talking stereotype of a teenager. Anyways, I had no idea how to take pictures of myself (or anything for that matter) so I watched a ton of youtube videos on how to take Instagram photos. Here is my first selfie taken in true Instagram form. I was quite disappointed in myself, if that wasn’t already quite apparent.


A little background: This isn’t my first-first selfie, for I remember taking pictures of myself on my first cell phone. I didn’t post them anywhere and I deleted most of them immediately, but the ones I kept (for the time being) made me feel good about myself. Not the pictures themselves, but the fact that I didn’t look too terribly awful in them. I didn’t take pictures of myself (or anything else) daily and usually only did it when I was bored – very bored.
This is where I start ranting- People are doing the absolute most in this Instagram culture. It is not just young people, plenty of older folks take part, so this isn’t necessarily a generational thing (Phew! disclaimer out of the way). The problem isn’t taking the pictures of yourself or your food or your kids or your dog (the list goes on), but rather the need to always share. The inability to privately enjoy things is the issue. In the time you spent digging out your phone and getting in the right position and pushing the record button you could have been fully immersed in a special moment. A shaky (or very professional looking) iPhone video will never be able to capture what makes any given moment special, no matter how many filters you apply. You could make something look better than it did in real life, but it will never be as wonderful as the real thing. (This rant turned into a ‘live in the moment’ type thing, which was not my original intent. This rant will now change directions.) When you have extensive documentation of yourself through extended periods of time, it’s easy to see how much you’ve changed but hard to realize how much you’ve stayed the same. People my age will post a picture of themselves from a few years ago and juxtapose it with a picture of them now. A before and after, if you will. They then proceed to equate the outer change with a positive inner change, which is not always the case. It’s not my place to label people as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ or quantify one’s personal growth, but when you pull the same crap you did in middle school but in a different form (drinking/drag racing/ smoking or even less ‘sinister’ things) this perceived growth you speak of seems to be nullified. A new hair cut and a mustache does not change you, nor does the posting of inspirational quotes and Bible verses. UGH! Bible verses posted by folks who hardly make an effort to uphold biblical standards and inspirational quotes posted by drama filled/racist/sexist/ignorant people (or worse yet plain old bullies) is so frustrating. Just because your feed looks nice doesn’t mean you are. People liking you does not make you a good person- that’s another rant for another day. Don’t even get me started on comparing yourself to others, being left out, and the amount of superficiality/fakeness that seems inherent with these sorts of websites. To end this lukewarm rant on a positive note, there are many good things that can come from social media, and I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through Instagram (although that may be because I mostly follow strangers). I think that may be where some of the good comes in. Connecting with people you’ve never met can be fun and enlightening. The opposite effect can be had when connecting with people you already know. In real life they aren’t that cool, nice, or inspirational. When they post pictures of parties you weren’t invited to it can be alienating. It can quickly become a competition. I tried to end this positively but I’m just a negative Nancy at heart. Just call me Dahlia Downer.

Anyways I thought this song was quite fitting considering my rant.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye (Now I’m making musical references!)


Hold Tight!

*The names of all of the people mentioned can be found in the Name Directory over on the side bar. Is it a side bar? I don’t know.

So yesterday I went golfing. I didn’t actually golf, but rather picked up The Bell Jar for like the third time. Each time I read it I enjoy it more than the last. Anyways, I took some photos in true blogger fashion (actually I had the Photographer take most of them for me).

 The Other Sister took this picture of me in the golf cart (before she made me drive). She and I joked that I should have a segment on my blog called ‘Things My Sister Made Me Do’. We’d take a picture of me reading a book at different locations that sister encouraged (made) me go to.

 I sent the Photographer off to take some photos while I sat and read in the golf cart. I thought this one of Lil’ Ruffneck and Jamie Starr was too cute.

IMG_0062.JPGHere is a self portrait the Photographer took.

 Isn’t the golf course gorgeous? I didn’t realize until I saw this picture. The Bell Jar is hard to put down.

 A little background: I can’t drive. I never learned and never cared to. Now that I’ve moved in with the Other Sister and her family, driving is a necessity. I’m learning, but frankly, I suck. My sister made me drive one of the carts with the Photographer in tow. I only got lost  once. A few branches may have gotten in my way, but we made it out alive. In this picture, I’m actually driving on the road.

 The Photographer snapped this candid of me watching the golf game progress.

 Another shot of Jamie Starr with Lil’ Ruffneck.

 The Photographer was excited to find paw prints in the sand.
 The Other Sister in her golf cart, staring pensively off into the distance (or watching her kid… whatever).

IMG_0140.JPGThere was a bunny rabbit at the very last hole. The Photographer got pretty close.

I had ‘Hold Tight’ stuck in my head the whole time. It was quite fitting considering my less than satisfactory driving skills. The song was written by Fats Waller and sang most famously by the Andrews Sisters.

That was longer than I expected, and I pity any person who didn’t skim through it.

Pip Pip Cheerio and a Froot Loop (am I getting any better at signing off? Is that even what it’s called?)