These are the names of my family and friends that I blabber about on this blog. I changed their names to protect the innocent and guilty, and also because it was fun. There is a post explaining the reasoning behind the names here. My name is Dahlia by the way.

My mom- Mother Dear

My dad- Father Dear

My eldest brother- Number 1

  • His wife- the Vegetarian
  • His oldest son- Lumberjack
  • His only daughter- Pretty Girl
  • His next oldest son- Curly
  • His youngest son- Slick

My eldest sister- the Other Sister

  • Her husband- Jamie Starr
  • Her daughter- the Photographer
  • Her son- Lil’ Ruffneck

My next oldest sister- the Nice One

  • Her husband- the Judge
  • Her daughter- Prodigy
  • Her son- Candyman

My next oldest brother- Superstar

  • His significant other- the New-Yorker
  • His daughter- Drama Queen

My next next oldest brother- the Artist

My best friend- Friend