What I’m Working On: November

I don’t know why I call this what I’m working on. Staring at at stuff wishing it would magically do what you want it to do is not exactly working on it.



So, I finished my typewriter and its carrying case. It could be way better, but I’m honestly just happy I finished it. I’ve learned a lot about spray painting and how not to do it in the process haha.

I am trying my hardest to get this VHS/DVD player to work. I can get the DVD part to work (sometimes) but not the VHS part. I don’t know if I have the wrong wires or what. I bought a shelving unit to put it on along with the VHS tapes and DVDs.

I still am trying to figure out how to organize my craft closet. This is my second arrangement, and I’m still not quite happy with it. So much junk, so little space. Also, I’m hopeless at taking pictures.

I have a bin full of records to clean. I hate cleaning records. It’s so time consuming, especially when I have to create labels and sleeves for all of the loners. This bin has a lot of loners. I really don’t want to do this.

I’m personalizing everything. I’m more likely to use stuff if I personalize it. This is my practice run of a laptop cover (that’s my excuse for its terrible quality haha) and my desktop home screen thingy. I don’t know technical terms. It’s the background on my laptop, okay?

What I really should be doing is making a dent in all of the books I haven’t started/finished yet and cleaning my room. There’s always tomorrow!

Fare Thee Well


Setting the Record Straight: How I Blog

I’m pulling an xojane and putting an unrelated photo in just for the sake of having a picture. It should have been a selfie, I know.

As I’ve mentioned (too many times) before, I’m not quite sure how I feel about sharing stuff over the internet. Yes, I understand that I sound like an old woman. Sharing everything with everybody boggles my mind. I feel that there’s a line and sometimes its hard to tell when its been crossed. Who gets to draw the line anyways ? Goodness knows I can’t draw a straight one! All of this to say- actually I don’t know. None of this says anything at all, does it?

A little background: I had thought about starting a blog forever ago. I was probably in middle school. I put it off. Here I am years later writing a blog and its super strange. What makes my ignorant thoughts and frivolous likes and dislikes worthy of a website. Who does this help?

Anyways, this post is called ‘How I Blog’. This is not some technical tutorial or anything like that, because I do not understand that stuff at all. It’s about my mindset about blogging and what I’m not attempting to do.

  1. This is not a photography blog. Stunning photographs will not be found here. I can’t take photos to save my life. I am the worst photo subject ever. I’ve always hated having my photo taken, but later regret having no pictures of me doing things. I’m trying to take pictures now, but I find it so painful haha.
  2. This is not a fashion blog. Well, not exactly. Everybody told me I should start a blog so I could share my outfits with the world. I would, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of them (haha)! I also feel as though I am WAY more than the clothes I wear. In fact, I know I am. I am not the girl with the cute shoes, or the one who dresses ‘like that’. I am the girl with a brain in her head. I am a well read girl with thoughts and opinions.  I AM SMART Y’ALL. That was my melodramatic/humblebraggy way of saying that my clothes do not make me who I am. I make the clothes match who I feel that I am at any given moment. At this moment I’m wearing leggings and a t-shirt that are both paint stained.  Read into that what you will (I call it the struggling artist look).
  3. I write like a teenager who thinks she has the world figured out. I’ve written that way since I was little (like 7 or 8). I think I’m going to suffer from teen angst for the rest of my life.
  4. I love to mix the superficial with the more important issues. Does that mean I’m irreverent? I don’t know. But I am terribly sarcastic. Half of what I write should be read in a sarcastic voice. Maybe I should set aside a font for my sarcasm…
  5. I ramble and tend to jump back and forth. In other words, I’m a terrible story teller. Don’t ask me to recount a real life event while it’s still fresh in my mind. I’ll have so many details I want to share and the story usually doesn’t even make sense by the end. I mean seriously, who needs to know how many clouds there were in the sky when I went to that one place that one time when that thing happened.
  6. I talk weird, therefore I write weird too.
  7. References. Music references, tv references, movie references-ALL OF THE REFERENCES! I make ill thought out references way too frequently. They bubble forth from me before I remember that people may not get them. I freaked out when I first saw Gilmore Girls because of all the obscure pop culture references Lorelei made. I understood her frustration when nobody understood her jokes.
  8. Ranting is kinda my thing. Even people who have never met me are aware of my ranting. I’m not so sure that a good thing. Sadly, I’m no good at putting my spoken words into written ones. That means my blog is filled and will continue to be filled with lukewarm cliche filled ramblings passed off as rants. Sorry.

Writing about how unconventional I am for bucking the blogging norms made me feel like such a rebel. (This is one of those things that should be read in a sarcastic voice.)


Halloween and Stuff

I guess it’s a little late for Halloween stuff, but whatever.

We went to a pumpkin patch two days before Halloween. It was actually a church parking lot with some pumpkins lined up, some hay, benches, and a stationary tractor for photo ops. I’m not a very spirited person, although I do enjoy holidays. Maybe next year?

Here’s my dear niece, the Photographer, on some hay.

Here I am as the great pumpkin pimp. I’m wearing a Prince shirt with an Elvis purse.

The day before Halloween, we went to a party. I was supposed to be a wind up doll, but I couldn’t get my key to stick to my back. I just so happened to be reading Peter Pan at the party and was asked if I were Wendy. The Photographer was a fortune teller. Isn’t she gorgeous?

On Halloween it was rainy all day. I watched Halloween I and II. I ate candy. I’d say it was a good day. I felt bad for the trick or treaters though.


What I’m Spinning: September 24-November 5

It’s hard for me to pinpoint what I’ve been listening to, because I’ve had the same songs stuck in my head for ages. Oh! Disclaimer- These songs have not been screened for content, and goodness knows the longer a song is, the easier it is to miss bad language and such.

I can’t remember exactly when or where I heard this song, but I wrote it down, and eventually looked it up. I heard it by Margot Bingham first. I then heard Ma Rainey sing it. They’re both great, you can’t beat Ma Rainey!

When I was first working on my car, I blasted (I say blasted, but you couldn’t hear the music unless you were pretty close to the car) The Time’s Cool a few too many times. I felt so cool sitting in my purple car with this song playing .

I also have been singing their song Get it Up. I only know like nine of the words haha. I had no idea it was their song, for I had first heard it it by TLC. The Time does it best!

Their song Wild and Loose is a killer too. Can’t find a video for it, sorry!

I love Postmodern Jukebox, and I adored their cover of Hey Ya!

I was on a Sondheim kick and fell in love with Send in the Clowns. The first versions I heard were of him teaching the song. I then found Bernadette Peter’s version. Isn’t she the coolest? I honestly don’t have a favorite version, although I love the voice of the student in the video where he’s teaching the song.

I love late 50’s to mid 60’s girl groups. They are one of my biggest inspirations in everything. I’ve loved the since I was seven or eight years old. This song by the Shangri-Las has been stuck in my head. I probably came across it while binging on girl group music. I think this was one of the only songs written specifically for the soldiers in Vietnam in support of them. I’m probably way off on that, though.

That’s it. I had to think long and hard to come up with songs that I’d actually been listening to. I of course listened to other music, but it was music I listen to regularly, and that would be too long of a list!


Setting the Record Straight: Social Media Part 1

 My best friend says I look like I’m dying in all of my selfies, therefore refuses to like them. I’m so glad she’s my friend.

I could ramble on forever about the advantages, disadvantages, and misuse of social media. This is one of I’m sure many posts to come about social media. So, I got an Instagram a month or so ago, and I’m having major regrets. It freaks me out. I mean blogging is a bit of a stretch for me, but at least I feel like I can say something. On Instagram, I’m taking photos of myself and people are liking them. It’s strange to me. It’s also slightly nerve wracking. I think that I couldn’t care less how many likes I get, but it isn’t true. I’m convinced that people who I used to hate or who hated me will stumble across my Instagram and chortle at the amount of likes I receive. “I have valid reasons” I so strongly wish to say to these people. “I didn’t tell all of my friends and family to follow me” (though they found out and did anyways haha), and “I don’t do the follow for follow”, “I don’t talk about Instagram in real life or tell folks this photo I’m taking is going there”. But honestly, you can’t claim to be ‘above’ something when you’re participating in it . Right? I mean unless you wanna be an annoying counter-culture holier than thou person (which I quite enjoy being at times). But fo rizzle, Instagram creeps me out (I’ll never post a picture of my legs in tights again!). I also feel as though I don’t quite understand proper Instagram etiquette. I’m also not quite sure that I want to understand. I feel the same way about blogging. I don’t think I’m some super unique person with a bunch of crazy wonderful pinterest-y things to offer. I’m writing this and posting because I can. Because I feel like it. I don’t have an artsy face, or an inclination towards photography. I don’t have a ‘passion for fashion’ although everybody seems to think I do. I love clothes and stuff, but my passions are never so straight forward (here I go, thinking I’m soooooo special again). Ugh I could rant about passions and people projecting onto others for a long time too. See? I wasn’t kidding when I said I have so much (too much) to say about all the social medias. I can’t keep it all straight. I was going to delete my Instagram, but now I think I’ll put it off for a while. Maybe trying new things that make you uncomfortable is a positive thing. Maybe its not. No biggie, right? Who am I asking anyways? I feel like the voiceover in My So Called Life. Just call me Angela Chase y’all.
After all of this blubbering, a song seems appropriate. I think I’ll go with…

Can you believe it? I listen to modern music in addition to my solid gold oldies! What can I say, I’m well rounded haha.
To conclude, I just want to say that I’m so totally over Jordan Catalano, although I really hope he follows me on Instagram (or at least stalks me there)


What I’m Working On

Proverbs 6:9

How long will you lie there, O sluggard? When will you arise from your sleep?

I’m a lazy procrastinator. I love sleep, candy, reading, and Cherry Coke. Because of this, stuff does not get done. This is what I’m ‘working’ on.

My car- Once my car is mostly finished, I will have a whole post about it, but right now, I’m working on rhinestoning the center console, making seat covers, and trying to customize it as much as possible with minimal damage, all while having a three year old climb in, out, and all around it.IMG_0425

My wardrobe- I have clothes that I’ve owned for at least ten years. It’s hard when you have a specific way you want to dress, but not enough of the particular style of clothing. I have all of these pieces I’ve planned to sew, but I hate sewing. Cutting is the absolute worst. Also I love to shop, but hate shelling out cash. On top of that, this climate change is making buying/sewing clothing difficult. I’m used to cool fall weather, not 90 degree Octobers!

My typewriter- Throughout all my years of schooling, I was never at any particular learning institution long enough to complete their typing program. Because of this, I don’t type in proper form. By that I mean that I type with two fingers. Anyways, for Christmas a year or two ago, I got a typewriter along with a set of records to teach me how to type. I want to learn before I start school again. I also want to paint my typewriter. I thought about doing it like this or these, but considering my track record for messing things up, I decided simpler will be better.IMG_0380


The Great Big Book of Everything– This probably deserves a post of its own. I love having references to all of the things I have enjoyed surrounding me. I remember always wanting to do things or have things that the characters in my favorite television shows had/did. One time, Playhouse Disney had this week where some lady taught you how to make crafts inspired by some of the programs. I wanted so badly to recreate the Great Big Book of Everything (but with something other than animals of course). I had been waiting all week for it, but I somehow managed to miss it. I never recovered. Now as a grown-ish person I’m finally getting to make my Great Big Book of Everything- but I’m too lazy/overwhelmed. I want it to be great (haha) but when I set the bar high, I usually don’t end up finishing the project. Or I do a terrible job. I also managed to mess up the front and back cover while moving. It’s looking bleak you guys. PS: It looks better in person, as do most things whose pictures were taken by an iPod touch haha.


I’m working on a bunch of other things too. Most importantly learning the Turkey Lurkey Time choreography. In other words I’ve created the illusion of being busy when really I’ve just surrounded myself with an abundance of stuff.

Bonus: I’m figuring out how in the world to take pictures of myself, and also forcing myself to do it. Goodness knows I’d rather not take any pictures at all. I’m pushing my boundaries y’all. Be very proud. I still feel weird about taking pictures of myself for the sole purpose of putting them on the internet, though.


Signing Off (I think it’s impossible for me to end these without being/feeling cheesy)


A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m always introducing new segments, aren’t I? Well, I have a lot of favorite things. I think I should randomly start posting some of them.

One of my favorite songs of all time is Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield.

My best friend and I spent a day together before I moved across quite a few states to live with the Other Sister. Press Your Luck was on, and my friend had never had the immense pleasure of watching grown folks look like idiots whilst screaming “NO WHAMMY!”. I figured we’d watch the first five minutes, but we ended up watching the whole thing. Ken is so entertaining. That lucky duck managed not to get any whammies! Anyways, if you skip to the end, you’ll see Ken do an amazing dance. 

This Orange Creamsicle Fudge is the bomb.com. It melts in your mouth and its terribly addictive. I could live on this stuff.


I absolutely positively adore Frank Morrison’s Artwork. Go buy his stuff here.

Frank M www, 1/26/11, 11:42 AM, 16C, 1214x1211 (75+213), 17%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/12 s, R126.6, G101.1, B94.0

So long, farewell to you my friend (song references are my favorite)

Things My Sister Made Me Do: Camping



So, I obviously suck at blogging, and I don’t even have an excuse. I was gonna blog about my car, but there is still much to do before I can. Also, I am lazy.

Anyways, almost two week ago, me, the Other Sister, the Photographer, and Lil’ Ruffneck went camping. I originally wasn’t going to go, because I had to take the SAT the next day. The Other Sister decided that they weren’t going to stay overnight, so I tagged along with them. Before it got too dark, I had the Photographer snap some photos.

A little background: I’m not an outdoorsy person. My allergies used to be much worse than they are now. I also have had some not so stellar camping experiences (church camp, girl scout camp and camping with girl scouts). Camping and hiking just do not sound particularly exciting/appealing to me. I would have been happy to stay home, but I do enjoy leaving the house every one in a while.

A little more background: We went camping with some church folk. I thought you should know who the other people in the pictures are, haha.

This is me walking back to my chair after asking the Photographer if she wanted to take some pictures.  Lil’ Ruffneck is in the Superman shirt. A church folk is taking a picture of the scenery.

The Photographer got a great shot of someone from church riding a bike. This is why she takes the pictures and I don’t.

See the band aid on my sister’s face? The bike rack attacked her. She was closing down the trunk, and she didn’t step back far enough. She said hurt very badly. I still laughed.


There’s Lil’ Ruffneck in the grass, the Other Sister going to pick up a toy, and some church folk in the background.

Here’s a shot of some of the campground.

This is the fire that took my sister two hours to build.


I took this blurry picture of some very tall grass. They (Other Sister, Lil Ruffneck, and Photographer) referred to it as the snake-y woods. I had to walk through it at least four times to retrieve toys. For some strange reason, they were afraid to trek into it- something about ticks and snakes.

This is the last picture taken. I took this one of me reading Sassy Magazine. To me, camping=reading.

Someone brought song books. We sang around the campfire.  It reminded me of the Disney Sing Alongs I used to watch when I was little (and still watch to this day). In one of them, they go camping. Too bad we didn’t sing any John Denver.

After while crocodile (does anybody actually say that?)


What I’m Spinning

I wish I were a DJ so badly. My brother closest to me in age used to DJ. I think I’ll ask him to teach me. Anyways, This is what I’ve been jamming to for the past couple of months. I’ll start in July-ish. I really don’t keep track. Follow my pinterest board for real-time updates on what music I’m listening to. Or not. The music was not screened for content, so hopefully nobody’s ears will be offended.

I was on a Prince kick (aren’t I always?) and this song was written and produced by Prince. I would have bought it on iTunes or something but it’s not available. I still haven’t gotten around to ordering the physical CD.

I also came super close to buying every Laura Nyro album off of iTunes, but instead I bought none. I will eventually, but I only had the money for one song at that moment.

Isn’t Randy so dreamy? (haha- I promise I don’t seriously refer to people as dreamy) Honestly, I was not expecting this out of him. I think he totally would have been a teen heartthrob if he weren’t a Jackson. Life is soooo not fair.

Pharrell’s album G I R L is so amazing. I’m mad it took me this long to listen to it.

Near the end of July, I bought four songs. The first one was Da Butt. I have been putting off buying this song for like a year. I love it so much!

The second song is Forgive Me Girl. I’ve been meaning to buy this one for at least a year. Probably more.

The third song is Give it To Me Baby. For a whole weekend I was entirely and utterly obsessed with Rick James. His full interview for the Dave Chappelle Show had me dying laughing, as did his appearance on Judge Joe Brown. I guess his music is pretty killer too haha.

Teena Marie’s Ooh La La La has become one of my all time favorites. I want to be her, she is so amazing.

I was watching a New Mickey Mouse Club clip, in which they were singing 1-2-3 by Gloria Estefan. I had it stuck in my head for like a month.

I had been jamming out to Xscape’s version of Who Can I Run To but the original is always the best, so I bought it instead.

The Pentatonix released an original song called Can’t Sleep Love. I love it! The music video is cool too.

Most recently (as in like yesterday) I’ve been bopping along to Turkey Lurkey Time. I will learn the dance, and I will execute those swishy hand flails perfectly!

See ya later alligator (I’m back to cheesy phrases)


Recap of my Week

I like to live in the past. Here’s a recap of my week. I’m feeling nostalgic already.

We went to the golf course on Monday. I read Sylvia Plath and managed to get lost while driving a golf cart.

I took my first selfies that same day. Y’all can officially call me a sellout.

The next day I tried to get a profile picture for my Instagram. It was a long laborious process.

On Thursday, we went thrifting.  I got 21 vhs tapes for $2.50! I got all of that fabric, the bias tape, and the Jane Fonda record for under 17 dollars. The Hawaii record cost me one whole dollar. I think I overpaid.

These two tapes were highlights for me. Dancin’ Grannies is just my speed; I’m glad I picked up the beginners tape.

This is Tiger, the Other Sister’s dog. He’s my best buddy. I snapped this while deciding what shoes to wear to the concert.


I went to a Lenny Kravitz concert. It was pretty killer. I love the way he moves!

This is me looking a hot sweaty mess after getting home from the concert. I’m still trying to get used to documenting my day to day life. It’s so weird.

On Friday, I babysat Lil’ Ruffneck while the Other Sister got her hair cut. The security system rang the whole time because it’s battery was low.  He telling me to turn it off, but sadly I didn’t know how. Earlier this week when I babysat him, he puked all over the place. I have a terrible track record.
Later, the Other Sister, the Photographer and I went to the mall. Here’s the Photographer eating Chinese food. I got some stuff from Claire’s. I’m really bad at documenting what I do.

 I painted my nails today. Neatness is obviously not my forte. Neither is taking pictures. I thought about being artsy and holding something, but the only thing I could find was a peanut butter jar.

It’s been a good week. Any week that that you make it out alive is a good one methinks. OH! History in the Making finally dropped the EP I’ve been waiting on since forever.

Oof! That modern music makes me long for something old. Here’s the Ronettes singing one of their many overlooked and underrated songs.

Alright, I guess I should go now (another song title… I wonder how long I can keep this up)