What I’m Spinning: September 24-November 5

It’s hard for me to pinpoint what I’ve been listening to, because I’ve had the same songs stuck in my head for ages. Oh! Disclaimer- These songs have not been screened for content, and goodness knows the longer a song is, the easier it is to miss bad language and such.

I can’t remember exactly when or where I heard this song, but I wrote it down, and eventually looked it up. I heard it by Margot Bingham first. I then heard Ma Rainey sing it. They’re both great, you can’t beat Ma Rainey!

When I was first working on my car, I blasted (I say blasted, but you couldn’t hear the music unless you were pretty close to the car) The Time’s Cool a few too many times.¬†I felt so cool sitting in my purple car with this song playing .

I also have been singing their song Get it Up. I only know like nine of the words haha. I had no idea it was their song, for I had first heard it it by TLC. The Time does it best!

Their song Wild and Loose is a killer too. Can’t find a video for it, sorry!

I love Postmodern Jukebox, and I adored their cover of Hey Ya!

I was on a Sondheim kick and fell in love with Send in the Clowns. The first versions I heard were of him teaching the song. I then found¬†Bernadette Peter’s version. Isn’t she the coolest? I honestly don’t have a favorite version, although I love the voice of the student in the video where he’s teaching the song.

I love late 50’s to mid 60’s girl groups. They are one of my biggest inspirations in everything. I’ve loved the since I was seven or eight years old. This song by the Shangri-Las has been stuck in my head. I probably came across it while binging on girl group music. I think this was one of the only songs written specifically for the soldiers in Vietnam in support of them. I’m probably way off on that, though.

That’s it. I had to think long and hard to come up with songs that I’d actually been listening to. I of course listened to other music, but it was music I listen to regularly, and that would be too long of a list!