Setting the Record Straight: How I Blog

I’m pulling an xojane and putting an unrelated photo in just for the sake of having a picture. It should have been a selfie, I know.

As I’ve mentioned (too many times) before, I’m not quite sure how I feel about sharing stuff over the internet. Yes, I understand that I sound like an old woman. Sharing everything with everybody boggles my mind. I feel that there’s a line and sometimes its hard to tell when its been crossed. Who gets to draw the line anyways ? Goodness knows I can’t draw a straight one! All of this to say- actually I don’t know. None of this says anything at all, does it?

A little background: I had thought about starting a blog forever ago. I was probably in middle school. I put it off. Here I am years later writing a blog and its super strange. What makes my ignorant thoughts and frivolous likes and dislikes worthy of a website. Who does this help?

Anyways, this post is called ‘How I Blog’. This is not some technical tutorial or anything like that, because I do not understand that stuff at all. It’s about my mindset about blogging and what I’m not attempting to do.

  1. This is not a photography blog. Stunning photographs will not be found here. I can’t take photos to save my life. I am the worst photo subject ever. I’ve always hated having my photo taken, but later regret having no pictures of me doing things. I’m trying to take pictures now, but I find it so painful haha.
  2. This is not a fashion blog. Well, not exactly. Everybody told me I should start a blog so I could share my outfits with the world. I would, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of them (haha)! I also feel as though I am WAY more than the clothes I wear. In fact, I know I am. I am not the girl with the cute shoes, or the one who dresses ‘like that’. I am the girl with a brain in her head. I am a well read girl with thoughts and opinions.  I AM SMART Y’ALL. That was my melodramatic/humblebraggy way of saying that my clothes do not make me who I am. I make the clothes match who I feel that I am at any given moment. At this moment I’m wearing leggings and a t-shirt that are both paint stained.  Read into that what you will (I call it the struggling artist look).
  3. I write like a teenager who thinks she has the world figured out. I’ve written that way since I was little (like 7 or 8). I think I’m going to suffer from teen angst for the rest of my life.
  4. I love to mix the superficial with the more important issues. Does that mean I’m irreverent? I don’t know. But I am terribly sarcastic. Half of what I write should be read in a sarcastic voice. Maybe I should set aside a font for my sarcasm…
  5. I ramble and tend to jump back and forth. In other words, I’m a terrible story teller. Don’t ask me to recount a real life event while it’s still fresh in my mind. I’ll have so many details I want to share and the story usually doesn’t even make sense by the end. I mean seriously, who needs to know how many clouds there were in the sky when I went to that one place that one time when that thing happened.
  6. I talk weird, therefore I write weird too.
  7. References. Music references, tv references, movie references-ALL OF THE REFERENCES! I make ill thought out references way too frequently. They bubble forth from me before I remember that people may not get them. I freaked out when I first saw Gilmore Girls because of all the obscure pop culture references Lorelei made. I understood her frustration when nobody understood her jokes.
  8. Ranting is kinda my thing. Even people who have never met me are aware of my ranting. I’m not so sure that a good thing. Sadly, I’m no good at putting my spoken words into written ones. That means my blog is filled and will continue to be filled with lukewarm cliche filled ramblings passed off as rants. Sorry.

Writing about how unconventional I am for bucking the blogging norms made me feel like such a rebel. (This is one of those things that should be read in a sarcastic voice.)