Thanksgiving 2015

You know your life is in shambles when you get around to posting about Thanksgiving the week before Christmas.

I suck as a human being. Last year I actually took pictures when all of my family came. This year I thought about it, and was totally gonna do it. Then I decided to stay in bed instead. What aunt doesn’t want pictures of her dear sweet nieces and nephews? Her siblings? Parents? Friends? Me! haha. Anyways, other people totally took pictures so I’ll steal some of those and tell the stories behind them.

Here they are preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Notice that I’m nowhere to be found.

There’s Father Dear in the center with an interesting expression on his face. They’re all (the Artist, various nieces and nephews, and the Other Sister in the back corner) playing spades. I’m not a huge fan of card games, but listening to them play is always hilarious.

Ah, something I can get behind! We went zip lining the day after Thanksgiving. It was a zip line obstacle course, and I’m quite good at it, thank you very much!

Everybody who entered the household had to sign this squash, family and non-family alike. I don’t think I ever got around to signing it… whoops! It’s still sitting on the kitchen table.

Here’s a shot of Curly and Lil’ Ruffneck on the basement couch. What is Curly doing with a pool ball in his lap?

A buch of turkeys all lined up.

Thanksgiving is always fun. Family is cool. The food is great. My bed is the best.

Because I posted this way to late…