Things My Sister Made Me Do: Camping



So, I obviously suck at blogging, and I don’t even have an excuse. I was gonna blog about my car, but there is still much to do before I can. Also, I am lazy.

Anyways, almost two week ago, me, the Other Sister, the Photographer, and Lil’ Ruffneck went camping. I originally wasn’t going to go, because I had to take the SAT the next day. The Other Sister decided that they weren’t going to stay overnight, so I tagged along with them. Before it got too dark, I had the Photographer snap some photos.

A little background: I’m not an outdoorsy person. My allergies used to be much worse than they are now. I also have had some not so stellar camping experiences (church camp, girl scout camp and camping with girl scouts). Camping and hiking just do not sound particularly exciting/appealing to me. I would have been happy to stay home, but I do enjoy leaving the house every one in a while.

A little more background: We went camping with some church folk. I thought you should know who the other people in the pictures are, haha.

This is me walking back to my chair after asking the Photographer if she wanted to take some pictures.  Lil’ Ruffneck is in the Superman shirt. A church folk is taking a picture of the scenery.

The Photographer got a great shot of someone from church riding a bike. This is why she takes the pictures and I don’t.

See the band aid on my sister’s face? The bike rack attacked her. She was closing down the trunk, and she didn’t step back far enough. She said hurt very badly. I still laughed.


There’s Lil’ Ruffneck in the grass, the Other Sister going to pick up a toy, and some church folk in the background.

Here’s a shot of some of the campground.

This is the fire that took my sister two hours to build.


I took this blurry picture of some very tall grass. They (Other Sister, Lil Ruffneck, and Photographer) referred to it as the snake-y woods. I had to walk through it at least four times to retrieve toys. For some strange reason, they were afraid to trek into it- something about ticks and snakes.

This is the last picture taken. I took this one of me reading Sassy Magazine. To me, camping=reading.

Someone brought song books. We sang around the campfire.  It reminded me of the Disney Sing Alongs I used to watch when I was little (and still watch to this day). In one of them, they go camping. Too bad we didn’t sing any John Denver.

After while crocodile (does anybody actually say that?)