What I’m Spinning: December-January

I’m one of those people who never does anything in a timely manner. It’s March almost April now. Whoops!

This is the original, but I was binge watching Deandre Brackensick videos. I do that sometimes.

I was listening to Elvis sing this, and thought I should look up the original. I’m so glad I did!

I heard this version first, but I adore Sammy Davis Jr.’s interpretation.

I’m not sure how I got hooked on this song, but I think it may be the result of me going down an El Debarge rabbit hole!

They sing another one of my ultimate jams. I quite like this one too.

Any song that uses the phrase ‘booty-ooty’ should be in the hall of fame.

I get this one stuck in my head quite often.

I’m  not sure how I came across this song, but I was so thankful that I did.