What I’m Spinning

I wish I were a DJ so badly. My brother closest to me in age used to DJ. I think I’ll ask him to teach me. Anyways, This is what I’ve been jamming to for the past couple of months. I’ll start in July-ish. I really don’t keep track. Follow my pinterest board for real-time updates on what music I’m listening to. Or not. The music was not screened for content, so hopefully nobody’s ears will be offended.

I was on a Prince kick (aren’t I always?) and this song was written and produced by Prince. I would have bought it on iTunes or something but it’s not available. I still haven’t gotten around to ordering the physical CD.

I also came super close to buying every Laura Nyro album off of iTunes, but instead I bought none. I will eventually, but I only had the money for one song at that moment.

Isn’t Randy so dreamy? (haha- I promise I don’t seriously refer to people as dreamy) Honestly, I was not expecting this out of him. I think he totally would have been a teen heartthrob if he weren’t a Jackson. Life is soooo not fair.

Pharrell’s album G I R L is so amazing. I’m mad it took me this long to listen to it.

Near the end of July, I bought four songs. The first one was Da Butt. I have been putting off buying this song for like a year. I love it so much!

The second song is Forgive Me Girl. I’ve been meaning to buy this one for at least a year. Probably more.

The third song is Give it To Me Baby. For a whole weekend I was entirely and utterly obsessed with Rick James. His full interview for the Dave Chappelle Show had me dying laughing, as did his appearance on Judge Joe Brown. I guess his music is pretty killer too haha.

Teena Marie’s Ooh La La La has become one of my all time favorites. I want to be her, she is so amazing.

I was watching a New Mickey Mouse Club clip, in which they were singing 1-2-3 by Gloria Estefan. I had it stuck in my head for like a month.

I had been jamming out to Xscape’s version of Who Can I Run To but the original is always the best, so I bought it instead.

The Pentatonix released an original song called Can’t Sleep Love. I love it! The music video is cool too.

Most recently (as in like yesterday) I’ve been bopping along to Turkey Lurkey Time. I will learn the dance, and I will execute those swishy hand flails perfectly!

See ya later alligator (I’m back to cheesy phrases)