What I’m Spinning: November 6- December 8

Play that funky music, y’all! I listen to so much music, but many songs only once. Some of it not even that much. These are songs I’ve played multiple times within the last month, and feel like an accurate portrayal of what I’ve been listening to this past month. Also, the music wasn’t heavily screened for content, so proceed with caution!

I freaked out when I saw Missy had released a new song. It’s perpetually stuck in my head. So, this is the actual music video, and I’m in love with a puppet haha. But there’s plenty of bad language in addition to life-like puppets, so beware.

I was listening to some Dionne Bromfield, and she had covered this song. I’ve been jamming to the original. I’ve quite liked this song for years.

Boy From New York City is my jam from ages ago (middle school…7th grade?) and I just so happen to play it recently, and was really enjoying it.


I don’t know how I missed this song when it came out, especially considering how much I enjoyed the album (although I never got around to buying it- shameful, I know). Cee Lo Green is amazing in general, so it’s always fun to ‘discover’ his stuff.

Our preacher incorporated this song into the lesson last Sunday and I kinda freaked, because it was my jam (everything’s my jam haha) two years ago. He said that if anyone knew the song, we must be as old as him. He’s 70 (ish)! Anyways he sang the song in its original form, and changed the lyrics to match with his lesson also. It think it was pretty killer!

Here’s another blast from my past that I never did buy. Whoops! Is it wrong to call something a blast from your past when you’re only 18? The lyrics in this song are hilarious, or creepy/awful/degrading depending how you look at it haha. This song with the same title is the boy’s perspective on the same topic. I love it!

The next what I’m spinning shall be of Christmas songs, for it’s that time of the year again!