What I’m Working On

Proverbs 6:9

How long will you lie there, O sluggard? When will you arise from your sleep?

I’m a lazy procrastinator. I love sleep, candy, reading, and Cherry Coke. Because of this, stuff does not get done. This is what I’m ‘working’ on.

My car- Once my car is mostly finished, I will have a whole post about it, but right now, I’m working on rhinestoning the center console, making seat covers, and trying to customize it as much as possible with minimal damage, all while having a three year old climb in, out, and all around it.IMG_0425

My wardrobe- I have clothes that I’ve owned for at least ten years. It’s hard when you have a specific way you want to dress, but not enough of the particular style of clothing. I have all of these pieces I’ve planned to sew, but I hate sewing. Cutting is the absolute worst. Also I love to shop, but hate shelling out cash. On top of that, this climate change is making buying/sewing clothing difficult. I’m used to cool fall weather, not 90 degree Octobers!

My typewriter- Throughout all my years of schooling, I was never at any particular learning institution long enough to complete their typing program. Because of this, I don’t type in proper form. By that I mean that I type with two fingers. Anyways, for Christmas a year or two ago, I got a typewriter along with a set of records to teach me how to type. I want to learn before I start school again. I also want to paint my typewriter. I thought about doing it like this or these, but considering my track record for messing things up, I decided simpler will be better.IMG_0380


The Great Big Book of Everything– This probably deserves a post of its own. I love having references to all of the things I have enjoyed surrounding me. I remember always wanting to do things or have things that the characters in my favorite television shows had/did. One time, Playhouse Disney had this week where some lady taught you how to make crafts inspired by some of the programs. I wanted so badly to recreate the Great Big Book of Everything (but with something other than animals of course). I had been waiting all week for it, but I somehow managed to miss it. I never recovered. Now as a grown-ish person I’m finally getting to make my Great Big Book of Everything- but I’m too lazy/overwhelmed. I want it to be great (haha) but when I set the bar high, I usually don’t end up finishing the project. Or I do a terrible job. I also managed to mess up the front and back cover while moving. It’s looking bleak you guys. PS: It looks better in person, as do most things whose pictures were taken by an iPod touch haha.


I’m working on a bunch of other things too. Most importantly learning the Turkey Lurkey Time choreography. In other words I’ve created the illusion of being busy when really I’ve just surrounded myself with an abundance of stuff.

Bonus: I’m figuring out how in the world to take pictures of myself, and also forcing myself to do it. Goodness knows I’d rather not take any pictures at all. I’m pushing my boundaries y’all. Be very proud. I still feel weird about taking pictures of myself for the sole purpose of putting them on the internet, though.


Signing Off (I think it’s impossible for me to end these without being/feeling cheesy)